Scientific and Non-Scientific Events

yDGE Get-to-Know Event - March 27, 7 pm

You miss a professional network with people who are happy to discuss work-related issues? That’s what we, the DGE Young Microscopists (yDGE) want to build. To strengthen yDGE, organize more events (like webinars, talks, workshops, and (virtual) social events), and share our fascination for microscopy via social media, we need you! In this meeting, the yDGE will briefly introduce themselves, describe positions within the yDGE, and we will highlight our vision for the following years.

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Event during the European Microscopy Conference 2024, Copenhagen

EMC 2024 website from 25.08 to 30.08 2024 – More information to come soon

Young Microscopist Symposium to be held in the Microscopy Conference 2025, Karlsruhe

Conference will take place between the 31.08.2025 and the 04.09.2025

Past Scientific Events

Past Non-Scientific Events

  • 17.03.2024: International Microscopy Student Mixer – BINA EC, MSA StC, MSC.SMC StC, RMS ECC, yCSMS, and yDGE
  • 25.09.2023: Student Mixer 
  • 07.05.2023: International Student Mixer – MSA StC / yDGE
  • 15.03.2023: Online get-to-know yDGE event
  • 15.10.2022: International Student Mixer – MSA StC / RMS EC / MSC-SMC StC / yDGE
  • 13.04.2022: Student Social Event – MSA StC / RMS EC / yDGE