Electron Microscopy Spring School 2024

March 3rd to March 6th 2024 in Berlin (concluded)

Thank you all for the amazing Electron Microscopy Spring School 2024 in Berlin. We had 3.5 packed days with a Pizza Science Slam, lectures, lab courses, and programming/data analysis courses.

We want to thank all our sponsors (tagged below), the lecturers, the lab managers, the tutors, and all the participants.

Join our Discord server to discuss and ask questions about programming/data analysis and other Microscopy related topics. You can join the Discord via this invite link: https://discord.gg/HQ2nE76F


Berlin University Alliance​


Senatsverwaltung Berlin​

Gefördert vom Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) und dem Land Berlin im Rahmen der Exzellenzstrategie von Bund und Ländern.

Freie Universität Berlin​

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin​

Technische Universität Berlin​

Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin​



Carl Zeiss Microscopy Deutschland GmbH

Bruker Nano GmbH​


Thermo Fisher Scientific

European Microscopy Society​

IRIS Adlershof​

Center for the Science of Materials Berlin​


Organized by

Berlin University Alliance​



Electron Microscopy Spring School 2024

The Electron Microscopy (EM) Spring School 2024 consists of lectures from EM experts, lab courses in cutting-edge techniques, and programming courses for beginners to experts. The school targets people who work in or are interested in the fields of material science, life science, and instrumentation/ physical science and is limited to a maximum of 40 participants. The main venue is the IRIS Adlershof in Berlin with lab courses distributed over EM laboratories in Berlin.

March 3rd to March 6th 2024 in Berlin


Lectures in the morning of day 1 and day 2:

  • Sample preparation in material science (elective 1)
  • Sample preparation in life science
    (elective 1)
  • Cryo EM and cryo sample preparation
  • In-situ electron microscopy
  • 4DSTEM and Ptychography
  • Spectroscopy

Lab Courses

Elective courses in the afternoon of day 1 and day 2:

  • Cryo EM for material science
  • Scanning nano beam diffraction
  • EELS with Nion HERMES 200 kV STEM
  • Protochips in-situ (S)TEM
  • Operando EM
  • Cryo Tomography
  • Cryo FIB
  • Off-axis holography
  • EDS, EBSD, and Micro-XRF on SEM at Bruker Nano GmbH in Adlershof

Programming Courses

Elective programming courses on day 3

  • Basic programming with Python using Jupyter notebooks
  • Plotting with Python: creating consistent figures
  • Image simulation with abTEM
  • Data analysis with Hyperspy for EELS and EDX spectra
  • Tomography reconstruction from tilt series

The detailed schedule is listed here:
Schedule (Link)

Program overview

Flyer: Link (pdf)

For more information or questions email us at:

contact (at) ydge . de